Why Us


Situated in Ottawa we are team of hardworking professionals with a passion for our disciplines. We are energetic, creative and optimistic. We all have a different story to tell, skills to bring to the table and cultural backgrounds. But one thing that unites us is our sincere vision and dream to build something we can fall in love with that reflects our values and have fun while doing it.


Make CareHub into a brand known for providing amazing products and exceptional level of customer experience, and along with that giving back and serving the community.


Help cut down on the time childcare facilities across North America waste on day to day operations to allow them to focus on providing the best care possible for the children. Along with that making a commitment to do more for the environment as a company and serving the community by giving an opportunity to education to 1 million underprivileged children around the world.



Backs up all your crucial data in the cloud so you have access to it anytime anywhere.


Enjoy a boost in productivity performing all your task through the browser from any device.


Enjoy a boost in productivity performing all your task through the browser from any device.


Run your business efficiently and sleep at night knowing you're doing your part to save the world.


Store Important Data Securely
Your important documents will be kept 100% secure! This gives you peace of mind knowing that your files are safe no matter what the event.
Log Day To Day Events & Notes
When time is of the essence (and for an educator that’s always!) our daily log feature will give you the ability to document information at the click of a button.
Manage Profiles With Ease
Our interactive dashboard enables administrator to create & manage multiple profiles at once, and avoid having duplicate copies of the same document.
Monitor Children’s Progress
Educators are able to monitor progress by tracking meals, sleep, health, and other critical pieces of data that are important to a child’s holistic development
Convenient Parent Portal
Parents are able to log in and see important updates on their children at their leisure! They can view daily reports, comment on all the events and contact their facilities.
Generate Reports In No Time
Stop spending hours searching through mountains of paper logs to prepare reports. With instant reporting educators are able to generate reports with a click of a button!

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